Kaja Abdank-Gruca

Kaja Abdank-Gruca

Project Manager – Szkoła w Chmurze


We’d like you to meet Kaja Abdank. Member of the Venture Café Warsaw community.



Venture Cafe network and space are for me the best and most amazing platform to meet and introduce people. I am often honoured to welcome those who are coming to Thursday Gathering for the very first time as well as greeting the regulars. Finding among them two matching dots that did not know about eachother yet is exteremly satifsying. My favourite stories are related to students from Viamoda and Szkoła w Chmurze in age between 15-24 that I invited for Thursday Gathring and they were absolutly amazed and proud that we have such events in Poland. I know some of them joined workshops that had impact on their career choices or even met their future employers there. It is also great opportunity to train foreing languages skills with natives. So if you are in Warsaw on Thursdays – visiting TG after 5PM  it’s a must!

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