Impact Reports
We present to you our impact reports, a summary of what we managed to achieve last years and what we are planning in the future!

2023 Impact Report

Venture Café believes that Isolation is the enemy of innovation and our mission is clear: Connect innovators to make things happen. We are  a neutral and trusted center of gravity that connects the entire ecosystem and is available for everyone. Through our programs we routinely activate the ecosystem, creating continuous exchange and conversation.

Every Innovation Ecosystem–no matter the size–needs an activator that creates movement. Someone creating connections as well as stimulates cross-functional collaborations. Someone that addresses the social part of innovation. Through our years of first-hand experience as an Innovation Ecosystem Activator, we have perfected our method to effectively maximize the impact of any ecosystem as a whole.

2022 Impact Report

Throughout the year, we have been committed to fostering innovation and entrepreneurship in our community. We have hosted various events and programs to connect and support individuals and organizations in the innovation ecosystem, including networking opportunities, workshops, and pitch sessions.

Our efforts have led to new partnerships, the launch of new businesses, and the growth and success of existing ones. We have also seen an increase in the diversity of our community, with a more excellent representation of women and underrepresented groups in entrepreneurship.

With almost 650 sessions taking place during Venture Café’s Thursday Gatherings in 2022, we housed an incredible amount of knowledge, expertise and inspiration on a week-to-week basis. A total of 399 speakers have dedicated their time and effort to host break out sessions, office hours or info tables as part of our Thursday programs.

2021 Impact Report

It’s been a tough year for everyone, and the future is uncertain. But we’re here to be your second home and the hub for all the things that are certain. The good news is that the future is based on good foundation! 

  • The place. In 2020 we started with opening a physical gravity point for the ecosystem. Our funding partner CIC signed a 15-year lease for running InnovatIon Campus at Chmielna 73. Thanks to that we have been able to give a lot of accessible tools for the local community and connect the ecosystem to the global network of innovation districts co-created by our global community in other cities.
  • The community. We know that being surrounded by smart people is key to growth as an innovator. This is why we pay so big attention to build meaningful relations. As the largest open community of innovators in Warsaw, we’ve had to come together as a community of innovators to make it through one of the most challenging years ever. But we’ve made it and we’re stronger because of it. In the future, this will be the biggest value of our ecosystem.
  • The platform. A lot of people know us for our high-impact programs, which are platform solutions. You can participate as an individual, or if you’re a local leader, you have the option to build on top of those initiatives your programs focused on you organisational goals witch are aligned with the mission and vision of our foundation.

We’re going to be here for a long time, and we want you to join us. We’ve proven that even COVID won’t stop our community from growing, and in this impact report we would like to share what happened in 2021 just to give all of you—the amazing people who were part of our success—a sense of how great our work together was last year. Thank you for a great collaboration in 2021. We are looking forward to do together even more in 2022.

2020 Impact Report

In July 2020 we added the word innovation to skyline of Warsaw. This is the first step to create an organic innovation district and fully inclusive platform for collaboration. As Venture Cafe Warsaw Foundation we lead by sharing tools and resources openly and by creating a platform with solutions that align and amplify the efforts of our community partners. By fostering relationships that increase access to resources (capital, talent, ideas) and equal access to a social support system we strengthen entrepreneurship, communities, and economies. Thank you for being with us!

Start of a pilot program – Thursday Gathering / May 2019

One of the reasons we created this video is to share knowledge about impact and innovation. We focus on bottom up approaches for creating social change. This means that most of the work takes place at grassroots level. The idea is to demystify “social innovation” or “social entrepreneurship” by sharing the stories of how individuals or organizations are changing things in their local communities.