The Sustainable
Development Goals

Innovators! Let’s get together on the 29th of August at Venture Café Thursday Gathering #4 at HubHub Noworgrodzka Square. The main topic of conversations will be a better and more sustainable future for all!

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Venture Café’s mission is to connect innovators to make things happen.

Venture Café Warsaw is a nonprofit organization. We are connecting innovators to make things happen by working to make our community more diverse, inclusive, accessible and better connected, locally, nationally, and globally.

We are a member of a growing global network of organizations – each with a shared mission and local flare. Venture Café movement began in 2009 as an experiment by the Cambridge Innovation Center (CIC) to test a simple hypothesis: if we bring together innovators and entrepreneurs to engage in spontaneous conversations and semi-curated programming, they’ll come up with never-before-imagined innovations to make the world a better place and generate economic growth. And, it’s working.


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