Julia Pucis-Pawłowska

Julia Pucis-Pawłowska

Freelancer – Freelance


We’d like you to meet Julia Pucis-Pawłowska. Member of the Venture Café Warsaw community.


[Ca 2-5 Sentences about what type of entrepreneur you are or what you do or your organization]

I am a polish vocalist and performer who specializes in classic, sensual jazz repertoire. My goal is to popularize creative way of living and encourage people to sing. I created a space for people who want to explore their voice and learn singing techniques. I also organize workshops for people who wants to work on their vocal skills and I produce creative social events for anyone who wants to be a part of cultural activities.


[Ca 4-6 sentences about the impact or relationship that happened as a result of Venture Café or a cool development in your business]

I wanted to develop myself in fields which are distant from my daily activities. Thanks to Venture Café I was able to meet extraordinary people, who shared with me inspiring ideas concerning my possibilities as an artist and vocal trainer in the business world. I made friends and many of regular Venture Café visitors are now a part of my cultural social activities. I met people who turned out to be in need of creative expression and now I am working with them on their vocal techniques, movements, body relaxation and expression of emotions. I am deeply thankful that such place can be found on the map of Warsaw, where you can meet open-minded, friendly and professional people, who are willing to get to know you and to share their story with you.

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