Galeno Chua

Galeno Chua

Founder – The Idea Consultancy


We’d like you to meet Mr. G – Galeno Chua. Member of the Venture Café Warsaw community.


Mr. G is a Strategist, Sustainability Consultant, Coach and Behavioural Change Analyst with over 15 years working experience with companies, NGOs and Governments throughout the Middle East, Asia, Australia, Poland and now, New Zealand.

His consulting and coaching experience ranges from Activity Entertainment, Education, F&B, Hospitality & Tourism, Healthcare, HR and FMCG. His approach is dynamic, personal and committed. In the past 8 years, he has built and handed over 2 companies and 4 brands to his local management teams and boards.

He has a strong belief that empathetic dialogue is a key life skill to both personal and professional success, and is currently on a mission to solve real world issues through empathy, sustainable approaches and principled leadership.


G was originally visiting Poland with his wife for the birth of his twin boys but was caught in the COVID lockdowns. Knowing very few people he was recommended by a friend to visit Venture Cafe where he connected to a few new clients, advisors, friends and then quickly grew his network and credibility by hosting engaging workshops to the community on empathy, leadership, marketing and ESG & Sustainability.

What he found most appealing about Venture Cafe was the ‘spirit’ of the events and people, “I never felt sold to, this was really refreshing and unlike every other event I’ve been to, everyone seemed sincere in meeting new people, sharing and learning new things, I can’t recommend it enough”.

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