Aisling Hunt

Aisling Hunt

Project Lead – CIC warsaw


We’d like you to meet Aisling Hunt (you can call her Aishe). Member of the Venture Café Warsaw community.


I never considered myself an entrepreneur, but I suppose that I would on entrepreneurial initiatives within CIC. Specifically, developing our special innovation programs such as Industry Hubs and programs for startups looking to expand into the Polish market. Additionally, I am very passionate about and involved in Diversity Equity Inclusion and Belonging (DEIB) initiatives within CIC globally and in Warsaw. I appreciate the opportunity that CIC and Venture Cafe provide to bring my passions and interests into the workplace. Outside of CIC, I am also a volunteer with a grassroots organization, Safebow, focused on supporting diverse populations of refugees in migrants, and involved with the Afro Dance community in Warsaw and broader Europe.


Venture Cafe is an essential ingredient to the success of CIC’s ultimate mission to make innovation accessible for everyone. Having worked for CIC for 6 years, it’s hard for me to isolate one or even two specific moments that are *the most important* since I cannot image what life would have been like before Venture Cafe was founded! Accessibility is important to me, and I love that Venture Cafe Thursday Gatherings and District Hall allow us to share innovation beyond the walls of CIC offices.

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