Yurii Lazaruk

Yurii Lazaruk

Community Ambassador – CodeControl and 9am

Hello there! 👋 My name is Yuri, I use he/him pronouns, and I am 200% sure that community is where people take other peoples’ problems as their own. So I use this knowledge by not just telling some theory but applying my expertise in real life.

My children are the most significant communities in Ukraine for sales, marketing, SEO, and paid advertisement experts – SalesHero, SEO Club UA, CPC Real Talk, and Marketing Club UA.

Because I had nowhere to get knowledge in Ukraine except for my own experience, I joined the fantastic CMX community and the Community club. There I learned from the best world professionals (and keep learning) and got to the point where I can bring value to the community professionals worldwide on equal terms.

Even though people live in different places, we are still human, and community is about making humane lives better. Hence, as a Community Consultant, I help people worldwide to get knowledge, build partnerships, find friends, and live a happy and meaningful life!

During my work life, I developed the following skills:
• outstanding communication, facilitation, and connection – talking to people both as a loving mother and a good doctor;
• empowering people to act because they are the force that changes the world;
• team organizing and management – my team is a loving family and a powerful engine where everyone is in their place;
• creative and strategic thinking – viewing the whole picture while having attention to the details;
• analytical and actional approach: track metrics, do research, build hypotheses, test them, improve, repeat;
• excellent verbal and written communication skills;
• strong interest in community management, sales, communications, marketing, and innovations;
• tech savvy with an excellent usage of computer and programming skills (MS Office Suite, VBA, Google Suite, Telegram, Slack, Discord, Notion, Camtasia, Photoshop, Trello, you name it);
• background in mathematics (theory of probability and statistics, optimization methods, numerical methods, discrete math) and IT (programming, database development, expert systems development).

During my life journey, I gain the following personal qualities:
• responsible – instead of searching for who is guilty, I am finding the solution;
• proactive – “It’s easier to ask forgiveness than it is to get permission”;
• self-starter and deal with ambiguity;
• atomic habits – fast is slow but constant;
• getting things done and meeting the deadlines;
• outgoing people-person;
• aim-oriented and straight-to-the-point;
• everyday professional and mind development.