Yating Liu

Yating Liu

AR Business Development Manager – Byten21

With over 5 years of experience working with both self-starters and corporations for various clients in the e-commerce marketing and technology industry. At this point, I am grateful to have seen how deeply technology has changed and how immersive technology has particularly opened my eyes to more possibilities. I aspire to be a connector between the virtual and the real, exploring how new technologies can be used to create more meaningful and life-changing human experiences. I truly believe that my work experience has given me a diverse set of skills and ideas to implement a variety of possibilities.

If you’re interested in connecting or have an idea to do marketing using AR experience, please contact me at yating.liu@byten21.com.

Outside of work, I do yoga and meditation in VR and learn to swim. Teaching and sharing knowledge about the Chinese language, culture & tech Information. Organize events and explore any VR/AR/MR Tech event activities. Traveling around the world and know the local culture!