Tomasz Chyrchel

Tomasz Chyrchel

Prezes Zarządu – Generator Pomysłów

I am a social animal and as long as I can remember people and their minds were always the point of my interest. Not in a way to control their minds… I was rather curious what makes us feel fulfilled when it comes to two things: generating ideas and working with other people.

These interests gave rise to my professional education and experience that now focus around three topics:

• Creativity and innovation – how to find inspiration for new ideas and motivation to implement them?

• Teamwork – what it takes from a person to build an effective team. The team that has a great culture and is productive when it comes to business results.

• Generating and implementing ideas that sprout new business development.

Specialities: innovation, culture for creativity, consumer insight, design thinking, facilitation, coaching and mentoring, start-ups, teamwork and teambuilding, disruptive ideas.

When I am not working, I am usually discovering something new for myself that gives me inspiration and new ideas. Playing in improvisational theatre, polyphonic singing and hiking are the three things you could find me doing in my free time.