Thuy Nguyen

Thuy Nguyen

Founder & CEO – TerGo

Thuy is a serial entrepreneur and investor with more than 19 years of experience building successful products, brands, and businesses. She is a proud mother of three with a passion for sustainable development, social enterprise, industry disruption, and helping others succeed.

For many years, however, Thuy’s passion has been to protect the environment. Her professional experience in renewable energy and climate change has been the basis for analyzing the different elements of human life that can potentially impact global warming – particularly in terms of CO2 emissions and what can be done to encourage people to lead healthy lifestyles in a healthier environment.

She is currently working on a new ground-breaking environmental project that is launching a Beta app in Poland Q4, 2022:TerGo.

TerGo was conceived when Thuy noticed that current environmental solutions were not working as well as they should. When it came to carbon offsets, she felt the mentality was more along the lines of “offset it and forget it” – make your one-time contribution and go right back to doing what you were doing before. She wanted to encourage everyone to become more conscious of their direct environmental impacts, quantify alternatives, and put them towards a greater cause.

TerGo is an impact-driven company of women founders with the goal to reinvent the current, opaque landscape of carbon offsetting by creating a more transparent, interactive, and accurate option in the hopes of reimagining a better world. Thuy, her business partner Ewelina Sasin Co-founder and TerGo want to give people the right tools that keep users actively engaged while making our planet healthier, cleaner and more resilient. Going “green” usually takes more effort and typically costs more for individuals that make better environmental choices – these new tools will help compensate people for making these choices, as well as leverage the power of this growing community to support their own green projects. “TerGo allows every participant to be a part of a larger movement,” Thuy says, “where everybody involved is contributing to a more sustainable future in a way that has never been done before. We are creating a worldwide eco-conscious community. Just imagine your actions multiplied by tens of thousands of other TerGo users – this is the power of collective climate action.”

Join the movement and follow us on Instagram @tergo_io. “Don’t change who you are, change what you do” ~ Thuy Nguyen