Szilvia Szilagyi

Szilvia Szilagyi

Founder – Drone Design Lab

A proud Hungarian, drone pilot, GIS, and Remote Sensing professional.
Women in Science, Founder of Drone Design Lab

Engage with digital education and the future of aviation for the Next Generation
Raise awareness of human rights violations, hate speech, online misinformation, and disinformation targeting women and girls.

I started my international career in Sweden in 2014. During my stay in the Nordic region, I have been involved in several mentoring programs, Jobbsprånget, Mitt Livs Chans Program, and a mentor from Försvarsmakten (Swedish Armed Forces). I learned from great managers and leaders.
GIS/Remote Sensing background

Work experience in the processing and delivery of SAR satellite data.
My research interests are precision agriculture, ecosystem restoration, and urban, and rural biodiversity. Soil, water and vegetation monitoring.

Contact for geospatial consulting: