Sascha Fahrbach

Sascha Fahrbach

Cybersecurity Evangelist, Journalist.

Connecting with people has always been a strength of mine. I’ve always found it easy to engage and communicate with individuals from all kinds of backgrounds, even if we are from different parts of the globe.
I’ve used that skill to help people discover their own abilities in language expression, and to convey powerful stories about technology and business. Our digital transformation demands that we understand new concepts, gain insight into new technology and the connect to the changing face of business and IT.

For 10 years I’ve been a professional facilitator of language courses, business coach and digital media journalist focused on digital business and startups. I have helped business executives and people from all walks of life in gaining the confidence they need to improve their message. Whether individuals or a large group I excel at bringing people together and providing them with the skills and confidence to improve and communicate. To build a true bridge to their brand, idea and their prospective customers.

My passion is enabling people to take their business skills to the next level; to learn about the newest trends in technology and to empower them.
My time in the US,Brazil, Italy, the UK and Poland have shown me how different people process knowledge and I believe I’ve found the right way to connect to a myriad of personalities.

I’ve helped countless organizations and companies from the public sector to finance and beyond to deliver their message. Be it a content piece, a press release, or a conference interview. I make it my mission to convey the true message, so that those watching, and reading can truly understand.

So if you’re looking to finally get heard the right way, that transcends industry and national boundaries. then get in touch !

Specialties: PR and media content, interviews, conference coverage, cybersecurity webinars,English language courses,German language training, business training, soft skills training, tailor-made ESP courses, team building, high level relationships, flexibility and multitasking, managing and hosting training courses