Przemysław Chimczak-Bratkowski

Przemysław Chimczak-Bratkowski

Partner – ThinkCo

I support investors in transfering sharing economy to the real estate market. Our team can program functions and design:
✅ student housing
✅ coliving
✅ apartments for rent
✅ senior housing
✅ mixed use buildings

Visit for more content or contact me by email: if:
✔ you want to keep up with the changing trends in the real estate market,
✔ you plan an unconventional mixed-use investment,
✔ you create buildings in the Living as a Service model,
✔ you are looking for an interdisciplinary team specializing in this subject.

How can we help you?
✔ functional programming
✔ building UX
✔ architecture
✔ placemaking

tel: 503 550 513