Przemek Stolarski

Przemek Stolarski

Learning Designer – UMass Boston

Utilising my instructional design experiences as one of the world’s top debate coaches and a successful startup founder, I love creating engaging online and hybrid 🧠 learning that stimulates critical thinking and promotes meaningful education. I take pride in wearing different hats in the world of education:

💡 I am a learning designer with experience in EdTech K-12 startups: Nativated (an online language learning end-to-end platform) and The Village Network (an early childhood education SaaS solution). On the side, I also completed a number of freelance learning design projects for schools and organizations. After designing online courses for graduate students at Harvard alongside my master’s degree, I transitioned into a full-time instructional designer position at UMass, Boston.

🚀 I am an educational entrepreneur. I co-founded Think and Speak Academy (TASA) – a startup offering world-class debate training to high school students worldwide, incubated at the Harvard Innovation Labs via the Venture Program. From 8 students in one country, we grew to +300 students from 15 countries.

🗣️ I am a teacher. I am a highly experienced debate and public speaking coach that delivered classes in +40 schools in 15 countries. I worked with adult learners, teachers, college students, and, most importantly, teenagers. My students have continuously won some of the world’s most prestigious debate accolades.

Feel free to contact me here to discuss any projects or to hire me for your next learning design or debate project!