Piotr Trojanowski

Piotr Trojanowski

The Org Trojan: Transformation Leader, Technology & Product Director, Enterprise Agile coach – resonate

I live effectiveness of companies: deliver tech solutions and help companies deal with challenges of Agile.

When I worked in technology companies as a software engineer it hit me that solving tech challenges was never a problem for us, tech geeks. The WHAT and WHY questions were. The direction of business was. The company’s identity, mission and vision were. And on a daily basis – HOW we work together here was. And the leadership style was.
So I switched…

Piotr is a tech & product director, transformation leader and enterprise Agility & Teal coach. He has got 10+ years of experience of leading digital, technological and agile transformations. He led transformations both from internal and external positions: from a position of management consultant, IT Director, Head of project management office and Head of Agility.
Piotr is an enabler of organizational effectiveness & business agility. He worked with CxOs to define and implement agile transformations, and to create and implement product strategies. Piotr’s experience is in banking, insurance and fintech sectors as well as e-commerce sector where he delivered multimillion programs and built lean product oriented agility from scratch. He has more than 20 years of experience within product development, people management and technology aspects of digital industry.

Having started his career in IT technology, working with backend systems, he gradually shifted through IT delivery and IT technology director roles into independent consulting: shaping organizations in periods of rapid growth and leading Agile transformations, helping organizations transform and reveal potential of their employees in order to achieve competitive advantage and effectiveness.

I believe that the raising awareness and the dawn of new ways of working, agile & beyond agile, will bring people their lives back, will redefine the workplace and will save the planet.


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