Piotr Góralczyk

Piotr Góralczyk

Founder / CEO – UnifiedAPI

Do not chase investors, chase customers treat them as best investors!

We use machine learning and AI to agregate bank data (transaction categorization, scoring, profiling, soft vindication automation) in 7 countries with more then 30 banks and also started agregating telco data to create fast and accurate financial profiles. PSD-2 AISP & PISP, TPP licence aquiring, Energy (eletromobility, smart grid) transaction system build using blockchain (vehicle to grid, interoperability)

UnifedAPI was chosen TOP10 Startups and presented during Startups in Palace – http://www.president.pl/en/news/art,582,startups-in-the-palace.html
Entrepreneur of the year of University of Warsaw WZ the biggest University in CEE region of Europe.

Experienced Managing Director with a demonstrated history of working in the information technology and services industry. Skilled in SQL, Java, E-commerce, C++, and Business Development. Strong entrepreneurship professional with a High School focused in Business, Management, Marketing.
Studied Computer Science at Mathemathics and Information Technology Department of Technical University of Warsaw and Managment at University of Warsaw.