Paulina Wardęga

Paulina Wardęga

CEO & Founder – Heroify

I’m a digital marketing and e-commerce expert with a successful track record and start-up experience, specializing in building and developing recognizable e-commerce & lifestyle brands that resonate well with customers.

In my 10+ year career, I’ve been responsible for creating and executing marketing, PR, sales and business development strategies in over 10 markets, including Poland, Spain, the US, Germany and France.

Specialties: E-commerce ◆ Customer acquisition ◆ Customer retention ◆ Conversion optimization ◆ Lead generation ◆ Marketing strategy and management ◆ Marketing analytics ◆ Social media ◆ Content marketing ◆ Community management ◆ PR ◆ Brand management ◆ Strategic communications ◆ Marketing localization

I enjoy predicting, and solving problems before they happen by combining data analysis and creative thinking. I’m well oriented in the socio-cultural environment of Spain, as I lived there for 9 years, sharpening my Spanish and learning about the ins and outs of the Spanish market.

When I’m not immersed in Google Analytics, you can find me sharing my knowledge at marketing-related events, listening to audiobooks, discovering new gins or playing board games.

I’m always eager to discover new projects that I can help with. Feel free to contact me via this profile or by email: