Paulina Piasecka

Paulina Piasecka

Director at Terrorism Studies Center – Collegium Civitas

Doctor of social sciences in the discipline of security science, a specialist in hybrid warfare and information warfare. Deputy Head of the International Relations Faculty in Collegium Civitas, Director of the Terrorism Research Center at CC in Warsaw, and deputy head of the Institute of Information Analysis at Collegium Civitas. Expert of the European network The Radicalization Awareness Network.

She participated in the research programs “Model of the system of using the mass media in counteracting and fighting terrorism in the conditions of the Republic of Poland” as part of the international COST A24 program (2007-2010), “The Evolving Social Construction of Threats” and “Dialogue About Radicalization and Equality” (DARE) funded under the Horizon 2020 program. She worked in the Department for Counteracting Terrorist Threats of the Department of Public Security of the Ministry of the Interior and Administration as a chief specialist. She was also the head of the Non-Military Security Department in the National Security Bureau.

Scholarship holder of the US government under the International Visitor Leadership program in the field of cybersecurity.