Olga Sobieraj

Olga Sobieraj

Business & Marketing Strategy Consultant

Olga Sobieraj
Business & Marketing Strategy Consultant, Certified Business Coach & Mentor EMCC, Business Angel of the Year 2021

Helps companies develop business and marketing strategies by understanding Clients’ wants and needs, creating product or service that add value to increase sales, margin and scale the business.

As a Certified EMCC Mentor and Coach helps to release energy and knowledge in the team for strategy implementation.

Former CEO of international marketing agency Ogilvy and Head of Marketing of Food Retail businesses in Poland, Central Europe and Russia.

Specialises in Retail business offline and online (chain stores, restaurants, cafes), the Martech tools (technological solutions for marketing) and the Health & Beauty industry.

Long-term Expert of the Superbrands and a Business Mentor of MIT Enterprise CE, Women’s Entrepreneurial Network and the EY Business Leaders Foundation.

Experienced member of expert Supervisory Boards Black Red White, Wójcik fashion, WeGirls. Author of publications in industry magazines, as well as a public speaker and trainer.