Olena Markaryan

Olena Markaryan

Mentor of Innovators | Business Development Coach

If you’re a CEO/executive manager who wants to implement a new and bold project within your company or independently, but facing resistance from the higher management or burnout, allow me to help you!
Or maybe you are the start-up founder struggling to raise investments, facing difficulties in your project’s initial stages or during scaling.

I may help you to get rid of any doubts and uncertainties, eliminate the pain points that sabotage the achievement of your goals, and bring you from your A to the desired B point within 3-9 weeks smoothly and resourcefully.

My 10-year experience in business development gave me crucial insight into what truly influences the business goals achievement: without changing the mindset, even the most brilliant business instruments and strategies are useless.

Our subconscious is actually the decision maker who rules us 95% of the time without even our awareness. The result of its work we only can see as an accomplished event or circumstances in which we find ourselves. So, if you are unhappy with what you get in your life, it’s essential to make your subconscious work FOR your goals rather than against them.

First – work with your thoughts and automatic behavior patterns to influence your decisions and then apply business instruments to reach your goal without any sabotage.

I provide a unique Mentor approach that leads to prompt results without burnout. I combine Rapid Personal method to remove any goal sabotage on the subconscious level; with approaches for prompt negative beliefs removal, coaching elements for keeping the focus on the aims, and my expertise in business development, sales, and marketing to help you start up your own project in the shortest possible time, eliminate doubts and minimize risks.

During 3-9 week of individual mentoring programs my clients have already got:
– coped with the burnout;
– climbed the career ladder;
– decided on the business of their dreams;
– managed to combine building own automobile manufacturing plant with the hiring job;
– switched from hiring to their own business;
– increased personal income by 3-6 times;
– found the optimal team and created a startup;
– raised investments in pre-seed stages over 150,000 euros.

Do you want to realize your Big idea and enjoy the taste of life? DM me!