Natalia Kupsik

Natalia Kupsik

Coordinator – School of Pioneers PFR

There was a time when someone asked me what I really want to do in life. I wished to do something that matters and satisfies my natural curiosity. Then started doing so.

🎯Hack4law 2nd edition Winner
🎉2nd Prize in the Planet-on Smart & Green Industry Hackathon
🏆 You can make a better world Summer School Competition Winner
💡Social campaign “Paragraphs without blunder” Co-author
🎓Business and New Technologies Lawyer
✍The Biggest Polish Tennis Magazine Columnist
🙌 The International Summer School in Law, Politics and Economy Event Team Member

Since the time nothing has really changed. I still deeply value stimulating work environment and socially engaged attitude, while looking for chances to be surrounded by intriguing and proactive people. ✨