Monika Wójtowicz

Monika Wójtowicz

Freelance Artist

KARMICA – the term derives from karma and evolution of the name Mon(ica). Her mission is to art feed (in Polish “feeding” means “karmienie”, it has the same root word as karma) all those who value authenticity, kindness, living in harmony both with nature and themselves. This is a house for birds, a bird table, a feeder (again: in Polish “feeder” means “karm-nik”, the same root word as karma) with stories to eat, which are not obvious at first glance.

Karmica/Monika Wojtowicz – Born in 1990 in Poland. 2009-2013 – she graduated with distinction from Warsaw School of Arts at the faculty of painting in scenography, prof. Łukasz Korolkiewicz. 2017-2020 – University of Warsaw, artistic and media education. Since childhood connected with fashion, since 2009 with painting. Painter, designer, performer, characterizer, painting lecturer at higher art schools in Warsaw. Visual artist, precursor of her own style and philosophy of “karminoism” – concept combining the world of psychology, spirituality and wild nature. Characteristic feature of “karminoism” is, among the others, color palette which carries symbolic meaning. In a huge majority there appear red as well as green tones, dark shades, intense and sophisticated. Repeating elements of eyes, birds, women and unrecognizable figures are often entangled in organic shapes and structural forms. Journeys into dreamy spaces, subconscious realms and sometimes current life issues – these are the places where the topics of new artworks arise.
Artist cites:
“I treat creation as a school of life, where I’m a girl from the penultimate bench with colorful hair, earrings, altered by herself clothes, not-matching shoes and hands covered in ink stains. Constantly She has something to say. She is looking for meaning in nonsense, significance in a bumpy road. I’m addicted to painting. Creating new passages together with constant need of development and experiment create the air that I breathe!“
The artworks usually come in cycles. The topics undertaken by the artist are closely connected with self-development, alternative education, nature and psychology. Designed cycles: Alphabet, 7 cardinal sins, The anatomy of kingbird, Birds and birdhouses, Masks, Bicycles for everyone, “Karminoistic” drawings, Educational concepts. Nowadays, I work in parallel on “karmnisennik,” dreamy diary and a cycle called Camouflaged XXI-Chromotherapy.