Michał Piosik

Michał Piosik

General Partner – AC/VC Foodtech Impact Fund

I’m a serial entrepreneur, economist by trade, ex-restaurateur, father of 2, failed wakeboarder and a wannabe philosopher. Basically, a jolly fella, who loves learning and gaining new experiences in every field of life.

10 years ago I left banking to start a cooking school. An amazing adventure that resulted with multiple businesses i.a. the most successful foodtech startup accelerator in CEE and the biggest culinary entertainment agency in Poland began with the simplest of questions: what do you love to do?

Back then it was teaching Polish culinary culture to people from all around the world. Now it’s building businesses that make profit while taking care of the planet.

I have Invested in and advised in businesses from Food, Energy and Construction industries.

If you dream big, don’t shy away from a challenge and have a foodtech business you’d like to scale, let me know.