Michał Kruszyński

Michał Kruszyński


In short words – I want my work to be meaningful.
Every project I have made, I made with a strong commitment to make the world a better place.
I could divide my adult life into two parts:

I)I started my education with a law degree, but even then I was sure that I am not looking for an easy corporate position and that I am rather not a profit-focused person.

This is how I started my first foundation – New Voice Foundation.

In just 5 years, from a small NGO and with the help of many wonderful people, I have managed to make it one of the biggest educational NGOs in Poland. Together we conducted thousands of debates and hundreds of educational workshops nationwide.
Now around 100 educators are working with us in 5 major cities in Poland.

II) Like many people lately, I was getting more aware of environmental problems connected with climate change and biodiversity loss. This is why I started my second master’s degree in Sustainability in order to better understand the complicated and interconnected problems that our planet faces right now.

So far I coordinated a couple of environmental projects and cooperated with some meaningful and good people and organizations, but I am willing to make much more in upcoming years.

I am a professional speaker, educator and project coordinator.
I did it all: fundraising, social media and communication management, recruitment, coaching, and developing long term strategies to make an impact.

If you want me to join you in your project, initiative, or any climate or social activity – please let me know. If we can do something good together I am always open to a conversation 🙂