Michał Czapracki

Michał Czapracki

Founder & CEO – Scramjet

I’m the Founder of Scramjet. I’m also inventor of the technology behind Scramjet Cloud Platform – our product interducing the new serverless model Transform as a Service. The model guarantees that there’s no data size and time limitations, your program can access any data, you can use stateful processing and leverage under 1ms latencies. Most importantly the model allows you to deploy distributed programs in a set of simple commands and have it done with within a couple tens of seconds.

Currently I hold over 20 years professional experience in software development and over 12 years in streaming systems. I’m responsible for the architecture of some most renowned video systems in Poland like VoD.pl, Onet.tv.

My experience has no focus on the backends, frontends, databases or bare metal – my work ranged from development of players to networks and server architecture. I’m also one of the few people in Europe that have hands-on, end to end knowledge of streaming systems with DRM and all possible platforms and systems, as well as an entrepreneurial mind well fitted and communicative among a business audience.