Matthias John

Matthias John

Global Quality, Supply Chain, Digital & Organizational Transformation Executive

I welcome the opportunity to network, share advice and contacts with others in the LinkedIn community.
You will get to know me as someone who loves being the go-to guide to bring others to the top of their “mountains”.

I believe in the individual potential of team members and the power of collaboration across borders (teams, companies, and geographies) to achieve amazing things together.

Being a strong problem solver who anticipates potential scenarios, I am not afraid to roll up my sleeves to develop innovative but pragmatic solutions without losing the bigger picture. Always keeping a positive energy while getting the job done, even in hectic times, is important to me. Driving change works best through shared purpose and open communication, having people’s needs and concerns in mind.

We spend so much time at work – we should have fun doing it.

Topics of interest include how to: maximize profitable revenue and sales volume; build strategic supply chain and sourcing solutions; achieve operational excellence and budgetary control; and oversee and manage supplier selection and negotiation efforts; and establish results-focused objectives and timetables by monitoring KPIs, leveraging supporting resources.

Please feel free to reach out to me directly via LinkedIn mail or send an email to