Mateusz Maj

Mateusz Maj

Co-Founder / CEO / Product – VivaDrive

“To reduce the world’s CO2 emissions by helping companies to turn their car fleets electric.”

To give you a quick idea of what I do:
I build products that help companies introduce electric vehicles and optimize their fleets. I use my experience in Data Science, Electromobility, and Product Development to build solutions that allow managers to introduce electric vehicles, save TCO costs, and manage drivers more efficiently.

I grew up in times and places when people did not really care about our planet. That is why I want to build impactful solutions to change people’s and companies’ approaches to sustainability.

I am a CEO, Startup Entrepreneur, Product Manager, and Actuary with international experience and unlimited drive.

1) Working for large financial companies (ING, BNP Paribas, Ageas)
2) Preparing reports (position papers) for European companies (e.g. Fortis Group, Assuralia, Federation Internationale de l’Automobile) on new EU regulations (finance, insurance, automotive sector, data)
3) Delivering multiple innovative products for transportation, mobility, insurance, automotive, and industry 4.0
4) Introducing innovative products and approaches for international bodies and organizations including Belgian Actuarial Association, Assuralia, Vincotte, KBC group, PZU group, Belgian Road Safety Association, Leaseplan, among others
5) Double Ph.D. (Mathematics + Economics)
6) Leading a team, developing products, and executing business strategy as a CEO of one of the most promising Polish startups

✔️ Introduce EVs into your company’s fleet
✔️ Prepare a charging infrastructure for your EVs
✔️ Optimise your fleet’s performance
✔️ Get guidance on fleet electrification
✔️ Learn how to innovate your company using AI, Big Data and RPA technologies

Reach me at and I guarantee that I will answer within several hours.