Marta Borkowska

Marta Borkowska

CEO – Mangrove

I have been developing people and organizations for almost 15 years – as an agile coach, people manager, trainer, but also a business development specialist.

I have founded Mangrove because I strongly believe anyone who has a power of influence should use it in a right way.

We help people who have an impact: startups founders, business owners, and management boards. We’re here for them helping with: setting priorities, defining roles, building effective teams, and implementing processes.

Our work is based on four values: radical candor, maturity, evidence-based approach and fun.

What makes me really good at those things?
– I do believe in science (acquired PhD in psychology of exceptional achievement) and apply the newest research findings wherever it helps (e.g. building organizations and teams on the basis of grit and intrinsic motivation).
– I combine business acumen (used to be a strategic consultant for 7 years) and really strong people skills.
– I am an experienced trainer, mentor and facilitator (certified in various methods).

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