Marek Kamiński

Marek Kamiński

Life & Business Strategists, Entrepreneur, Philosopher

Currently in Marek Kaminski Foundation I am working on 2 major projects:

Walk4Change – innovative e-health app which hands over tools helpful in civilization diseases like depression, obesity, social exclusion, eating disorders etc. It is being created with help of experts and scientists.

Life Plan –global self development program for children who are disabled or in difficult life situation. Through the project kids learn how to be systematic, persistent, how to go directly in the direction of their dreams and how to build their self esteem.

In those projects we rely on invented by me ‘pole method’ – 5 steps leading to achieving one’s ‘pole’, which is metaphor of individual’s dreams.

I am also working on MarekKaminskiAcademy project and preparing webinars and courses on motivation and adapting to change and
Robot4Life project, creating the robot – coach based on Pole Method