Marcin Mroczkowski

Marcin Mroczkowski

Co-Founder – OptForAI

→ Firstly, Senior Java Developer and AI Engineer with extensive experience in various Java enterprise systems and a strong focus on artificial intelligence using OpenAI technologies. Highly proficient in the Java core platform and well-versed in AI applications across various sectors.

→ Secondly, Co-founder and Chief Technology Officer at 1xTeam, a start-up focused on Java training, recruitment, and software development. Actively leveraging AI and machine learning to optimize the recruitment process and provide better software solutions.

→ Thirdly, AI Consultant specializing in integrating AI into businesses to automate processes and create AI-powered knowledge databases. Utilizing my expertise in artificial intelligence and machine learning to help companies transform their operations and drive innovation.

Passionate and motivated, always eager to stay updated with new trends in modern software development. Especially focused on clean code, refactoring, code simplification techniques, and practical applications of development process automation. Actively exploring the potential of AI and machine learning across diverse industries. Looking for new opportunities, both personal and business related.