Marcin Babiak

Marcin Babiak

Mentor – Kordo Edukacja

Dell, Apple, Intel, Groupon… Over the years I have collected the best practices from the largest corporations in the world. Today, on this basis, I have created my own training programs and share my knowledge with my students. During my training, you will benefit from the state-of-the-art knowledge and experience of hundreds of thousands of professionals who make up the largest corporations.

Good leadership is as important today as never before. The maintenance and development of the most talented people are sometimes more important than low costs or good advertising.

Therefore, managers should:
– deal with emotional problems (own and team’s),
– to be true digital leaders
– be able to plan a business from the financial side,
– perfectly organize your internal meetings and communication,
– also take care of your career and image, because it does not only depend on results.

For salespeople, it is not enough just to ‘know the offer’, but also to be a real support for customers – to be their trusted advisors.

To get to this level, they must:
– understand the client’s business processes and be able to talk to their C-Level people,
– be visible on LinkedIn,
– perfectly manage time and conduct business meetings.

🔸 I teach all of this during my training or (individually) during mentoring sessions.

My clients are companies such as Intel, Dell, Garmin or Veolia.
I also work individually with many small business owners or managers on the next stage in their careers.

🔸 Where do I get my knowledge from?

In addition to managing Polish branches of companies such as Apple, Dell and Groupon, I was the president of Komputronik Biznes and iSource SA. and I was successfully running business during my studies.
I have a variety of experience.

If you are interested in any of the above points, I invite you to an introduction. I’d love to know more about what you do.

Add me to your network of contacts.

🔸Regardless of whether we choose to work together,
I am convinced that our conversation will be full of insights and inspirations that can help you grow your business.

☎️ +48 604164739

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