Manal Al-Hammadi

Manal Al-Hammadi

Research Fellow - Technology & Innovation – University of Warsaw

From a young age, I possessed an insatiable curiosity that fueled my desire to explore the unknown. This inclination led me to experiment with unconventional combinations and to constantly ask the questions “Why?” “What if?” and “How?” As I grew older, my thirst for knowledge remained unquenched, and I pursued a diverse array of interests throughout my academic and professional pursuits.

While my broad range of experiences initially seemed to hinder my career prospects, I soon discovered that it was, in fact, an asset that set me apart from others. My innovative thinking, adaptability, and cross-disciplinary approach allowed me to excel in the fields of negotiations, technology transfer and commercialization, relationship management, IP management, business creation, and business development.

If you share my passion for innovation, technology transfer, and commercialization and would like to discuss ideas over coffee, I would be delighted to connect with you.