Magdalena Malinowska

Magdalena Malinowska

Malachite Minds – CEO

I live and breathe psychology.

Being an extrovert helps me to experience the world and people, and at the same time it is a source of inspiration for creating my own story. I have an incredible ease in establishing contacts and I deliberately use this skill, provoking numerous interactions.

I am the creator and president of the Malachite Minds foundation, which I established based on the conclusions I drew based on numerous conversations, observations, my own experiences and acquired knowledge.

According to the WHO, by 2030 depression will be the most common disease in the world, and the only thing that comes to my mind is the question: can society afford the privilege of caring for mental health?

I am creating a project with which I want to show people that we live in symbiosis with the environment, and the more we take care of it, the more peace of mind it will give us. Will you join?

I am known for thinking outside the box and going beyond rigid scenarios. I enjoy experiencing the process that takes place in me when I step out of my comfort zone.

I’ll be happy to help improve communication in the team, come up with a sales strategy and do workshops with elements of art therapy. I’m also open to create CSR project for your organization that is not only environmentally friendly, but also helps with well being.