Łukasz Cieśla

Łukasz Cieśla

Open Innovation House

Constantly seeking the best “external / open innovation models” for enterprises and pushing the boundaries of an efficient startup – corporate partnership. Believing that there are only 2 paths for corporations: INNOVATE or be DISRUPTED.

During the last couple of years, I have:
I. Coordinated 15 international corporate acceleration programs
II. Coordinated more than 50 internal “corporate innovation initiatives” (hackathons, intrapreneurship programs, discovery workshops, Lean Startup, incubation and acceleration programs, etc.)
III. Participated in more than 30 international business trips to foster and spread the innovation spirit
IV. Run more than 50 training sessions, keynotes and workshops across Europe – in such areas as:
– corporate – startup ecosystem creation
– lean startup
– design thinking for corporates
– corporate acceleration program management
– external Innovations and transfer of technology to enterprises
V. Read around 100 books in the broad area of innovations, management, business and organizational culture
VI. Last, but not least: worked with more than 20 amazing innovation departments of such great Giants as: Deutsche Telekom, Intel, Cisco, ABB, International Airlines Group, Nokia, Philip Morris, Alior Bank and many, many others.

My areas of expertise in a nutshell:
I. Building acceleration and incubation programs for startups and corporations, in three different set-ups: stand alone, cross-industry and wide-industry accelerators
II. Managing initiatives in the “corporate external innovation area”, such as: hackathons, design sprints, intrapreneurship programs, corporate Design Thinking and Lean Startup workshops
III. Creation of Program strategies to establish the right model of innovation transfer from the external environment into the internal corporate structures (with a special focus on horizon 2 -adjacent innovations – and horizon 3 – disruptive innovations – of innovation framework).