Lucas Bakx

Lucas Bakx

Founder – Amplifyre Marketing

Are you still dependent on your network or cold acquisition for lead generation?
There’s nothing wrong with this, it’s just not a scalable way to grow your business.
You can’t just double your network.
And cold acquisition (calling, emailing, connecting on LinkedIn) often gives low conversions.

Which makes sense, because your target audience doesn’t know your company yet. And if you approach and pitch people out of the blue you can come across as spammy.

We help IT & software companies to get more brand awareness and appointments with our
LinkedIn Branding & Acquisition Method.

This is a combination of LinkedIn advertising and Sales Navigator.

We use LinkedIn ads to promote your company as a thought leader and warm up your target audience and we use Sales Navigator to follow up with prospects and invite them for an interview.

Curious to find out if this strategy can work for your company?

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