Larissa Andrade

Larissa Andrade

Mentor in Web3 Marketing & PR

WEB3 PR Manager | Head of Communication | Transforming the future of communication in emerging tech | Marketing | Connecting People | Bringing the difference in the space | Inspiring marketers and PR’s | Public Speaker
Talks about #content, #socialmedia, #contentcreator, and #marketingdigital

Larissa has been making an impact by bringing awareness and helping marketers and communicators understand Web3, and boosting their trajectory in the space through talks, events, seminars, and courses. By spreading her knowledge and tools to succeed in Web3, Larissa has inspired new professionals into becoming their best version and thinking out of the box. Her focus is on the Latin community, as there’s scarce web3 content in Spanish and Portuguese. As a mission, she wants the space to be inclusive and open for professionals who want to make a difference regardless of where they came from. She started sharing her trajectory with her community: a visionary child in Brazil fighting for opportunities and how she overcame challenges along the way that brought her to where she is now. For her, there’s nothing more beautiful than fulfilling her life mission of spreading knowledge, and helping and connecting people who once were in a similar place. Larissa is delivering what she wished to have access to when she started her journey: valuable resources.

instagram: @talktomelarissa