Katrina Laks

Katrina Laks

CEO and co-founder – Migrevention OÜ

Meet Katrina Laks, the CEO and co-founder of Migrevention, the world’s first digital
headache clinic.
Katrina founded Migrevention with the goal of helping over 1 billion individuals
affected by migraines to improve their well-being and life quality. She aims to achieve
this through the creation of cutting-edge digital tools that will be accessed by
headache sufferers and specialists worldwide.
Her drive to create leading digital health innovation has helped Migrevention become one of the fastest growing digital health companies in the Baltic region. In Spring 2022, Migrevention became a software-based medical device manufacturer, and is starting providing solutions for healthcare providers in addition to their widely used digital headache diary.

Katrina has a master degree in Genetic Engineering and is a PhD candidate in Chemistry and Genetic Engineering at Tallinn University of Technology. Before founding Migrevention, she put her efforts in finding novel biochemical biomarkers for female infertility. Katrina is also an active headache patient advocate and a founding board member and spokesperson of the Estonian Migraine and Headache Patients Association. She is an active member of the Estonian Connected Health Cluster which connects all major hospitals, universities, and most Estonian health technology companies.

Katrina values most healthcare with a digital twist and is dedicated to uplifting the Estonian healthcare and technology ecosystem by finding unified regulatory and business mechanisms. To support this goal, she and other Estonian digital health tech founders started DTx Estonia, manufacturers alliance for digital theraputics, in early 2022.
With her unique combination of expertise in technology, healthcare and patient advocacy, Katrina is leading the way in revolutionizing the management of primaryheadaches through digital solutions.