Katarzyna Szełemej-Pobożniak

Katarzyna Szełemej-Pobożniak

Intercultural communication mentor | happy career coach kasiaszelemej.pl

I conduct workshops, trainings, coaching & mentoring sessions covering the following areas:

Intercultural communiaction
Business culture in a chosen cultural area, e,g. Poland, Canada, USA, Japan, China, countries of Latin America, Germany, Spain.
Work & life balance, stress, burn out
Building a happy career and personal life

Please, see www.kasiaszelemej.pl for more information.

I am ACC ICF coach, hold master’s degrees in economy and social anthropology, postgraduate degree in motivational psychology, and bachelor degree in Latin American sciences.
I have 24 years of experience realising projects and trips for corporate clients in incentive travel business (www.haxel.pl). I have been to almost 100 countries on 6 continents. I spent several years studying in Germany, travelling, living and conducting research in countries of Latin America. Among the others, I have realised multiple projects in China, Japan and South-East Asia.