Karina Woźniak

Karina Woźniak

Leading Talent Development, Acquisition & HR in Europe and Asia – CIC

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I work in the above areas and I help great talents find home, grow and develop in CIC. We weave together a variety of elements to help build and strengthen the local innovation ecosystems across the globe. Beautiful spaces, weekly informal networking, state of the art shared wet lab space, a community of entrepreneurs focused on positive impact, and civic innovation space are some of the important elements that we help unite.

CIC works with powerful, local partners to develop the critical networks that entrepreneurs need to grow effectively. In order to do so, we need talented people like you.

Our growing team is made up of energetic, creative people who thrive on new challenges, and we’re hiring for a variety of roles!

Are you interested in joining our organisation? Message me and if you’d like to see what open positions we have, check our website: www.cic.com/jobs