Giselle Frederick

Giselle Frederick

Web3 | Metaverse | Impact Tech | Advisor

As a skilled interdisciplinary technologist with over a decade’s years experience building, designing and managing the delivery of tech solutions for consulting clients, banks and start-ups, I am well positioned to help organisations of every size reach their next milestone, manage their projects and implement exciting new initiatives.

My career began a software developer before I transitioned to business analysis, which led into a series of more expansive project management and tech strategy roles. Believing in collaboration and communication above all else, I am used to working with charitable organisations, employee networks and NGOs, and more recently leading initiatives with an increasing focus on women and minorities in professional spaces.

In everything I do, I maintain an eye for detail and knack for problem solving, with significant engagement in the key areas of business analysis and product management. My career progress attests to the fact that I am skilled at managing cross-functional project stakeholders and prioritising deliveries to mitigate project and business risks. I am able to connect the outputs of teams with the input of senior management and stakeholders, liaising across an organisation, managing deliverables and planning while leading onboarding, training, workshops and consultations.

In my spare time I work on Tech For Good initiatives and regularly mentor and judge on Tech Accelerators in the UK and across Europe. I also bring experience as a committee member and as delegate for: the G20 Young Entrepreneurs Alliance, the UN Women 65th Commission on The Status of Women and UN Blockchain For Impact.

If you want to find out more, please do not hesitate to get in contact via LinkedIn messenger.