Galeno Chua

Galeno Chua

Founder and Facilitator – Leading with Empathy

Empathy in all aspects of the workplace leads to better design and thus more profitable and impactful work.

My consulting and coaching experience at the junction of Public, Private and Development sectors has helped form an “Empathy Lens”, to see if a solution or product is humane, well-designed and useful.

Despite the clear benefits, I’ve come to learn that empathy alone is not enough. While designing and implementing strategies for organizations from the UNDP, to Accenture to MSMEs, I’ve learned that empathy requires personal leadership and critical thinking at every level of every organization to be effective.

– I’m coach-consulting executives and teams who make great impact in their respective fields
– I lead global teams in Asia and Europe to shape markets and industries for the common good – for profit and impact
– I’m running workshops and developing new content in the realm of compassion in the workplace in hopes to seeing a world where everyone is leading with empathy.