Dominik Goss

Dominik Goss

Founder – Inwedo

An energetic entrepreneur with over 10 years of experience in building global IT products. CEO of Inwedo, a company that creates dedicated software for business processes optimization.
It means that making technology work in favour of your business is what we do best.

With a track record of over 160 IT projects realized worldwide, I love sharing my experience and knowledge to our Clients’ best advantage. Also – having created a few software solutions from scratch myself, I especially enjoy advising startups to help other aspiring entrepreneurs build and scale their products globally.

We always listen to what our Clients have to say, making sure our solutions bring actual added-values. Our individually developed solutions have been helping our Clients daily to:
– save hours on reporting or diagnosing problems,
– get rid of printed documentation,
– manage real-time monitoring of the processes and resources,
– lower service and operating costs,
– boost work efficiency and increase the number of clients,
– even out employee workload and facilitate even task distribution.

The graduate of Google Leadership Academy, and constantly brushing on my skills in that area, to support my team in the pursuit of their professional and personal development.

Even after work, I don’t slow down. Maybe because motorcycles and running are my hobbies. But also – I strongly believe that clear mind attracts fresh ideas.