Dane Miller

Dane Miller

Director of People, Culture, and Crisis – Tactivate

I have a dynamic and diversified work profile following an anticipated pivot in my career that was birthed in 2018 with the intention to professionalize crisis response and management capabilities. I left Amazon in May of 2021 to perform as an independent contractor and consultant in this sphere of influence.

Highlights with Amazon before departure include;

I led the turnaround of the bottom-performing middle-mile sort center and last-mile delivery station in their respective North American networks. I collaborated as one of three administrators to launch a worldwide military mentoring platform, screened and hired over 100 military veterans and taught Amazon hiring curriculum to 106 exempt managers in North America. During the outset of the pandemic, I was the point of contact for Boston and NYC metro’s last-mile delivery. I originated the playbook used for North America confirmed case management for all exempt managers to follow and functioned as subject matter experts for the nation. I developed the COVID-19-specific curriculum for new entrant exempt managers entering Amazon’s Academy in both North America and Europe and I partnered with ER Principals to train 829 exempt managers across North America on how to navigate the dynamic work environment created by the crisis. In partnership with procurement, I sourced over .5 million USD in hand sanitizer from local breweries and distilleries along the east coast resulting in a surplus and subsequent replenishment of shortages for fulfillment and middle-mile partners. Functioning on the crisis team of 7, I collaborated to source thermal temp screening across North America, proper storage and containerization of sanitizer for all facilities, and re-plan and approval process for the design and engineering of each last mile facility to accommodate proper social distancing, PPE, and peripheral measures resulting in over 150 Amazon policy changes. I then led the launch of 32 small business owners to Brooklyn, Manhattan, and Staten Island during the height of the pandemic in order to provide internal Amazon last-mile delivery services in perpetuity. As the DEI champion for the NYC Metro, I successfully launched 5 affinity groups to provide advocacy and a platform to amplify marginalized voices.

The most dynamic accomplishment of all was the empowerment of 15 diverse top-flight junior leaders that have set out on promotion trajectories that are leading Amazon’s last-mile delivery around the nation at the highest levels.