Bożna Wydrowska

Bożna Wydrowska

Visual Artist, Performer, Mother – Kiki House of Sarmata

Bozna’s story begins in the Czech Republic. There, at an international street dance festival under the guidance of choreographer and ballroom icon Javier Ninja, she falls in love with voguing. This story would probably be more evocative if Bozna had discovered voguing by accident – or was initially reluctant or hesitant to start practicing it. It was different. She first heard about it when she was still a teenager at a dance camp in Poland. She began looking for information – she found the history of voguing, shrouded in mystery, fascinating, and realized that it was created among the excluded, the misfits, the other. She also felt like an outsider. – Everything was wrong. My interests, behavior, appearance. I felt that I didn’t fit into any social group, that I was different from my peers at school, from my family,” she states as she recalls her childhood. – Probably the most difficult thing about my growing up was that I didn’t have the traditional figure of a parent. At that time, I felt that certain forms of behavior and gestures were being imposed on me. The environment wanted to mold me to fit into established patterns that I often disagreed with.

Wydrowska held her first Ball at Bozena’s in 2016 at Warsaw’s Clouds club. Two years earlier, she had been accepted to New York’s prestigious Royal House of Milan, which gave her an inside look at ballroom culture and, she says, gave her the necessary tools to build it from the ground up in Poland. At the inaugural Ball at Bozena’s, her children – wards, students and friends – have already competed. 2019 marks the beginning of Kiki House of Sarmata, where she serves as a mother, mentor and nurturer.

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