Aureliusz Górski

Aureliusz Górski

Founder & CEO – CampusAI

Aureliusz Górski is an innovation ecosystem facilitator who is on a lifelong mission to support the transformation of the startup landscape across Poland and connect it to the global innovation ecosystem.

In 2008 Aureliusz moved to Warsaw. Having obtained numerous certificates and having undergone extensive training, he was armed with the knowledge he needed to successfully build projects and effectively manage dedicated teams of professionals. Aureliusz ran his own company for 8 years providing the services of a business trainer (~2.500 hours of training), a consultant (11 branding projects) and an interim project manager (in 3 companies) to his clients.

In 2012, as a part of one of his projects, Aureliusz was invited to both co-create and manage a network of coworking spaces and incubation programs for startups in 10 cities in Poland. This nearly 3-year-long project, which Aureliusz was overseeing as the Managing Director, has given rise to one of the first Polish programs supporting startups in business development and global expansion. In just three years, the program had grown to support more than 500 companies in business development and 40 companies in global acceleration, including Brand24, Migam, Qpony. This enabled him to become an ambassador for the innovation ecosystem countrywide and a social activist in a NGO-supported innovation ecosystem in Poland.

From 2015 he has been working on bringing Cambridge Innovation Center (CIC) to Poland, the world’s leader in creating innovation campuses. Starting out as a consultant, he quickly became a member of CIC’s global team and he supported the process of establishing CIC Poland – the company. As the Managing Director, he has been responsible for multiple projects. One of the projects was building a team based in Warsaw tasked with developing the next-generation software for CIC worldwide. Aureliusz is also a co-founder of CIC Warsaw, an innovation center which will be opened in 2020.