Andrzej Domianski

Andrzej Domianski

Director – Klub Przedsiębiorczości

Experienced businessman with high level of people skills. High number of contacts in a leading Business Club in Poland Klub Przedsiebiorczosci. Professional Marketer with high level of success in establishing stable and constantly growing shopping community business for enterprises, organisations, and individuals. Expertise in establishing successful business model for higher sales and loyalty. Franchise business. Constantly looking for new partners.

What I can do for you:
• Contact you with many successful business people
• Show you huge business potential by implementing proven B2B & B2C solution for SME
• Help to design your personal growth strategy
• Show you additional income possibilities in proven franchise model
• Change your own every day shopping into your valuable assets

Specialties: Competitive analysis, consulting

Specialties: marketing and strategy, startup management, sales management, business planning, internet marketing, public speaking, consumer selling, B2B, B2C, salesforce, sport marketing, travel booking