Adam Morawski

Adam Morawski

Multilingual business lawyer

Working for clients from different industries and with individuals across various cultures and languages I developed a broad business perspective, deep understanding of comprehensive legal contexts, as well as management skills.

I coordinated complex legal projects and conducted dozens of successful negotiations and court disputes. I helped build plants, advised financial and insurance institutions, coordinated M&A transactions and real estate investments, and managed legal teams around the globe.

I have a great passion for negotiations. I enjoy testing the balance between soft power and a hard style, be it in M&A transactions, commercial contracts, compensation disputes to court rooms. I completed a training within the Program on Negotiation at Harvard Law School.

I take pride in serving as witness expert for English and Irish courts in PI matters.

From 2013 I have worked as Chairman of Sight for Tomorrow Foundation helping children with vision problems.

I count the following as my professional achievements:

– Successful legal argument: winning a case before the Constitutional Tribunal (case No. SK 10/09)
– Negotiations: a record €150,000 paid as special damages by a Polish insurer to an Italian client in an out-of-court settlement (2007); also a record compensation awarded as general damages for personal injury by a Polish court after a 3-year precedent case against the Warsaw City Council and its insurer
– Corpo work: due diligence and M&A negotiations in projects worth >€100M
– Expert witness: Several dozen expert witness opinions for English & Irish courts in personal injury matters
– Unique management experience: coordination of legal teams in 54 jurisdictions, for the purpose of an international fintech project (2018)

Apart from my native Polish I work in English, Italian, French, Russian and Spanish.

W 2006 roku założyłem Kancelarię Morawski & Wspólnicy, która specjalizuje się w obsłudze międzynarodowej: zagranicznych inwestorów pracujących w Polsce oraz lokalnych przedsiębiorców wchodzących na rynki zagraniczne.

Dzięki pracy dla spółek i instytucji z różnych branż oraz z ludźmi różnych kultur i języków, zdobyłem szeroką perspektywę biznesową, wypracowałem zdolności analizy skomplikowanych kontekstów prawnych, a także umiejętności zarządzania.

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