Róża Szafranek

Róża Szafranek

CEO – HR Hints

My life and passion are HR, recruitment, and leadership. I have co-built super successful startups and tech companies, which were sold to giants or now are on the stock exchange market. Or failed, as it is a normal part of startup(er) life. I have also seen promising organizations having crises and I was helping founders and leaders go through them.

Now I lead HR Hints – the first HR boutique for startups and rapidly growing tech companies. We show founders and managers how to build and lead organizations based on engaged people who live up to their responsibilities: https://hrhints.io/en/

I got the main “HR Perl” prize and the title of “Recruiter of the Year”. My teams and I hired over 620 people so far and helped 40+ founders and managers to lead better [updated: April ’22]. I’m also the author of the first Polish online course dedicated to hiring for tech: https://skutecznyrekruter.it/