For whom?

We invite participants, who are living in an intercultural relationship, where in such or hope to be in one. We also welcome practitioners who work or want to work with intercultural couples and all of You who are simply interested in this subject. Goals: During the workshop we will: explore the impact of culture on love share good practices of working with intercultural couples show exercises to enhance effective communication in intercultural couple Methodology: We combine cross cultural competences and Non Violent Communication tools. Our methodology came as a result of international two year Erasmus+ project Meet Me Halfway – the art of living independent together, in which three organisations from Poland, Italy and Spain shared their experience Methods: mini presentation active methods: exercises in pairs and groups discussion.

What is the workshop about?

It is about LOVE- as simple, basic and yet as much complicated as it sounds. I love you, Ti amo, Je t’aime – we probably know what it means, even if we do not know English, Italian or French very well. The word LOVE is probably one of the best-known words in foreign languages. Love is a universal emotion experienced by most people, in different historical periods and in all cultures. Love manifests itself in different ways, because culture affects the manner people understand love/define love, and how they feel, think and behave in romantic relationships. Love can be expressed not only in words, but also in actions and in other ways. What will we do? During the workshop we will share our experience of working with intercultural couples. We will present some of the exercises that aim to get better intercultural awareness, to understand potential cultural differences. We will reflect on cultural messages about love.We will also look together for solutions how to deal with the challenges and enhance communication in intercultural couples by focusing and expressing needs that are universal.

June 24, 2021

Venture Café Warsaw Foundation Partners