To the GDPR & Beyond | Workshop Series

Forget about everything you thought you knew about privacy and the GDPR. In these monthly 1-hour workshops, we'll discover together that privacy is more about you and less about the GDPR. I offer you a refreshing perspective on our digital environment and interesting (or dangerous) trends, as well as actionable ideas and best practices that you can implement in your company.

The Thunder of Plunder & Accountability | 13th January 2022

During the first part of this workshop, Alberto will embark on a journey and take a much-needed look at what happens to our personal data in the day-to-day use of mainstream digital products - and why it matters so much for the future.

In the second part, Alberto will bring to the spotlight what’s probably the most important aspect of GDPR compliance: accountability.

Speaker: Alberto Olias Ibor, Chief Marketing Officer & Legal Counsel, Circular Unity

January 13, 2022

Venture Café Warsaw Foundation Partners

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